Roadmap for Java beginners

[ecko_annotated header=”” annotation=””]In this article I’ll try to provide step by step tutorial for beginners. For those who know nothing about Java and required environment or even about software development in general.[/ecko_annotated] So, let’s begin. For now, Java is the most popular in the world. It means you made a good choice :). It could be […]

Tricky issue on jackson serialization/deserialization

Just few days ago I was implementing small feature on one of our minor projects .  The idea process some data on user interface pass it to backend and send it further to third party service. So on UI we have code like this $.post( “/backendService”, JSON.stringify(idList); ); Obviously idList contains plain long type id values e.g. 54396 […]

Фреймокати чи Не Фреймокати

(п’єса за мотивами реальних подій) Дійові особи. Аліса – девелопер, грейд міддл. Шалений Заяць, Божевільний Капелюшник, Ховрах Сонько – девелопери, грейд невідомий, оскільки ніхто не наважується провести їм оцінку. Посварилися зі Скрамом, тому в них кожен день реліз. Вони називають це контінюус деплоймент. Чеширський Кіт – ніхто не знає точно, чим він займається на фірмі. […]

How to run blog on OpenShift. Complete guide.

I will describe here how to run blog on OpenShift and why I choose OpenShift. It’s not my first blog actually long time ago I run JUGLviv and choose blogspot on that time. 7 years later I decided to create something new with more flexible platform and better UI. So that WordPress was my choice. Actually I thought to order it […]

Intellij Idea – inside a crack

About month ago JetBrains released new version of their popular IDE Intellij Idea v/2016.1.1.  just 5 days later at one of russian torrent trackers appears crack for latest version… Seems it didn’t take too much time for chinese hacker “rover12421” to break JetBrains license system.  Crack itself is plain jar file so I decided investigate a bit if it’s […]